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Trinity Research & Development 2021


We were awarded Trinity Centre’s Young Audiences commission in Bristol at the beginning of this year- a Research & Development from the Cultural Recovery Fund.

Our aim was to create a young audiences show inspired by local children. Through online workshops we explored our chosen theme of home and used games, poetry and storytelling to think beyond the physical idea of home.

We engaged local artists, including a designer and a musician, to explore the musicality and visual elements of the places and themes that the children spoke about.

The story that came out of this research follows a girl who leaves home to go on an extraordinary adventure in search of her roots. She journeys through unique worlds and meets a beautiful bird along the way who helps her to be brave, take flight and discover what home means to her.

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Photography by Craig Fuller


Applications closed 

Rehearsal moving photo.jpg

We are looking for a Bristol-based dramaturg/writer to join us for the next stage of Nest's development.


We would like to work with someone who understands or has an interest in, physical theatre. We three trained at Lecoq and Gaulier schools, and we want the dramaturg/writer to work closely with us to help develop the show beyond the written word.


The role will involve deepening the story, clarifying the structure, and writing some extracts of narration, dialogue and poetic pieces (our work is generally not focused on text but there will be some text within.) 

The themes of migration, identity, home and freedom are key to the story. Therefore, ideally, we are looking for someone who has either migrated to Bristol from another country themselves or whose family has.

It would be beneficial if you will have created work for children before and have experience working in devised theatre.

This will be a 1-2 week paid R&D, fee amount TBC but will be based on  Independent Theatre Council rates.

The R&D dates are also TBC depending on funding, but we are aiming for early December 2021. However, please do not let these dates stop you from applying if you are unavailable at this time. Dates are subject to change and we can be flexible.

Photography by Craig Fuller

To apply please write a little about why this project excites you and how the theme of migration is relevant to you. No need for long essays, a short but specific introduction is enough! Please send your answer with your CV to 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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