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Blue Smoke


Spilt Ink Theatre is a company formed by three female theatre-makers who met in Paris whilst training at Lecoq and Gaulier. We use play, physical theatre, puppetry and clown to create accessible theatre that inspires and moves a wide range of audiences; from young to old, where English may not be a first language and to those who might be new to participating in theatre. Our core intention is to make playful and visual work that is engaging and relevant, inspired by the voices of local people and our own identities as artists.

Nathalie Codsi.jpg


Trained at Ecole Jacques Lecoq.  Nathalie Codsi is a theatre practitioner and has extensive experience in devising, physical theatre and creating work for young audiences.

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Trained at Arts University Bournemouth and Ecole Philippe Gaulier.  Sarah Cribdon is an actor, physical theatre performer, clown and puppeteer.

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Studied and trained at Goldsmiths University and Ecole Philippe Gaulier. Hester Welch is an international theatre director, community arts facilitator and performer.

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